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Billing and Reimbursement Disputes

Excessive billing and other misconduct by health care providers can be a tremendous burden on health plans. At Gordee, Nowicki & Blakeney LLP, we protect our clients' businesses and bottom lines by guiding them through dispute resolution, including litigation.

As part of our comprehensive dispute resolution services in the health care industry, we represent health care plans engaged in disputes over billing and reimbursement. From our office in Irvine, we represent health plans and insurers throughout Orange County and all over Southern California.

We partner with our clients to resolve business disputes involving managed care contracts, provider reimbursement and billing practices, and federal and state anti-kickback and self-referral (Stark) statutes. These claims require an in-depth knowledge of provider billing practices, relevant regulations and the inner workings of our health plan clients.

Our lawyers swiftly and thoroughly investigate billing records and other evidence to ensure that providers use compliant billing and reimbursement practices, and that government investigations and subpoenas are handled properly. With more than 100 years of collective business and litigation experience, we know how to manage your case while minimizing its impact on your operations and budget.

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Adding Value For Your Business

Matters involving health care billing are extremely complex and highly technical. To resolve such a dispute, do not trust your business to an inexperienced attorney or a firm with an inconsistent health care litigation practice. The lawyers of Gordee, Nowicki & Blakeney LLP are prepared to provide sound counsel and pragmatic advice. Please call 949-567-9923 to arrange a consultation.