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Health Care Litigation

We provide effective counsel in health care law matters throughout Orange County and Southern California. Our practice combines in-depth knowledge of the health care industry, extensive litigation experience and a tireless desire to help our clients meet their goals.

We have handled health care disputes involving:

  • Insurance claims by health care consumers and providers
  • Challenges to reimbursement policies
  • Claim payments under ERISA, RICO, the False Claims Act and a variety of state laws
  • Regulatory investigations by state and federal agencies

Our successes range in scope from individual payment disputes to complex class actions involving multiple claims.

Often, our clients benefit from the measured, affordable dispute resolution techniques of mediation and arbitration. However, when a trial is necessary to pursue the best possible option for our clients, we use our extensive litigation experience to develop a strong, compelling presentation in court.

Many health care disputes involve internal investigations and administrative proceedings that are intimidating to lawyers with less experience in the industry. Because our attorneys have handled virtually every kind of business dispute imaginable, we are familiar with the rules and regulations governing the industry

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Value-Added, Client-Driven Dispute Resolution

We believe that value is more than getting a good deal; it also means getting the results you need to run your business legally and profitably. Everything we do contributes to our clients' goals, and our experience allows us to handle legal matters efficiently, with little disruption to a business.

Please call our office in Irvine, California, at 949-567-9923 or fill out our contact form to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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