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Business Litigation

Attorneys at Gordee, Nowicki & Blakeney LLP, have more than a century of collective experience litigating business disputes and a reputation for success.

We have represented businesses of all types — publicly held corporations, privately owned companies, partnerships and joint ventures — as well as individuals, including entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate officers and directors, and senior executives.

Some of our areas of focus include:

  • Real Estate Disputes — Our attorneys help clients meet the legal challenges that accompany buying, selling, owning and developing commercial property.
  • Contracts — Contracts are the foundation upon which business is built, and it is essential to protect and enforce these agreements. We help parties with the negotiation and enforcement of contracts to enable them to reach their business goals.
  • Intellectual Property — Our lawyers help business owners protect their brands and intellectual property interests through investigation, negotiation and, when necessary, litigation.
  • Fraud Claims — Fraud allegations are extremely serious and need to be handled with care, whether you are being accused of fraud or pursuing a claim against someone else. We can help you understand your rights and manage these claims appropriately.
  • Consumer Class-action Defense — We help businesses fight potentially damaging class-action suits, using a variety of tactics to resolve matters efficiently and effectively.
  • Appeals — We have brought successful appeals in state and federal courts for a variety of different issues, bringing extensive experience and an in-depth knowledge of the courts.
  • Trade Secrets — Our lawyers have successfully protected businesses—public and private, large and small—in trade secret and unfair competition disputes.

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Appellate Advocacy

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Consumer Class Actions

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Contract Disputes

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Trademark Litigation

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Trade Secret Disputes

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